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I'm Zinaid Santana, aka ohmyqueenzii, aka blogger of a thousand lives.
What you'll find here:
Everything related to my crazy, undefined mind, simply because I'm a blogger of the sh*t average bloggers don't talk about.

Um. I'm kidding. 
What you'll really find it is a crazy amount of honesty. I've been known to speak my mind a little too much, a little too soon, a little too bluntly. I don't apologize for what's written here, what's photographed or my absence from time to time.OhmyqueenZii was birthed from seeking an escape. My stories have meaning, filled with truth and imagination. There will be days where I'll teach you how to take care of your hair whereas others are filled with my opinion. I love this blog and I love who reads it. 
Therefore, I hope to always entertain, motivate and INSPIRE you. 

WHO AM I ......

Ohmyqueenzii was created by Zinaid Santana from the necessity of having a escape space that any 18 years teen, has...African descendent but originally from Lisbon, Portugal. Zinaid is a full time dreamer, with a massive love for chocolate and fashion, who currently is studing.



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Zinaid Santana aka @ohmyqueenzii is a teenage portuguese girl who loves everything related to the future. She the kind of person who will speak her mind whenever she has to.